We’re under going a transformation.

Certified Transformational and Success Coach Mair Millar is here to help support you through your personal metamorphosis as you set goals, gain clarity and take action in your life and in your business. While our website is under construction feel free to follow Coach Mair on Facebook. for updates and tips.

I am an authentic woman, living a real life, faced with the same challenges as you. If you’re ready to help yourself and face your fears, I’m ready to give you the tools you need and provide you with the support to achieve your dreams. It’s time to put yourself in the game.

~ Coach Mair

Mair MillarCertified Transformational and Success Coach
Mair is a certified Transformational Coach and Business Mentor. She specializes in supporting women to start and grow businesses- as well become champions in their lives as they master personal growth and increase their confidence. Her experience in competitive sports allowed her to start her coaching career by providing fitness, nutrition, and champion-mindset coaching, before moving into business coaching. Leading an international coaching business and raising 4 kids of her own, Mair understands the “balancing” act needed for success and is ready to share how you can be successful too.